About Me

Hello I’m Jessica Rae!

I want to thank you for coming to my blog and taking a moment to look around. I love any and all feedback and encourage you to ask any questions that you may have, specifically about wellness.

My focus here is to encourage all things wellness. Although many of my posts are directed to mental health, wellness for your soul, self care, and overall personal wellness. I at times will focus on wellness aspects including dietary wellness, wellness for the environment, and wellness for your children.

I am not a nutritionist. I am not a dietitian. I’m not a doctor. I don’t hold a handful of advanced degrees. But here is what I am… I am someone that is very passionate about each individual being able to reaching a place where they are truly happy in their lives. After many long years of working in mental health agencies and the corporate world of mental health clocking 50 to 60+ hour weeks I took a step back and searched for my true overall happiness and wellness. After finding it and comparing it to what my life was, I knew I wanted to share this with others.

Attempting a family photo at Christmas. Kaia was not happy and Daddy was trying to cheer her up.

I am married to an amazing man that supports me and everything that I do and has encouraged me to take every step in finding my own happiness and wellness over the last 10 years. I am also the mother to the worlds smartest, most adorable, and overall most perfect one-year-old in the world. (Yes I know I’m highly biased but I feel like you should be that excited about your kids all the time.) Together we have two dogs, I’d love to tell you what breed they actually are, but the DNA tests are still pending so at this time, they’re simply just mutts.

My tiny lady, Kaia

I do have degrees in psychology, sociology, and marriage and family therapy. I am a licensed therapist in both California and Oregon. I will at times discuss therapeutic content and provide insights on some mental health challenges, but this is in no way supposed to take the place of individual or group psychotherapy. I do encourage my readers and followers to ask questions relating to wellness. I will always do my best to provide my insights or discover the answers for you, but if I feel that it is beyond my scope or that it is hitting into too much a therapeutic relationship and is breaching my ethical obligations as a therapist, I will simply let you know.